Ducted Gas heaters Perth

Ducted heating units

Whether you live in a small cottage or large mansion, a ducted gas heater is the best way to stay warm when the mercury drops. Contact our specialist team at Ambience Air and we will tailor a ducted heating system to suit your requirements, and ensure maximum comfort for you and your family.

Safe and effective

Like most air conditioners, this ducted heating system works best with the doors and windows closed. Each room requires its own outlet, while the unit itself and all duct work can be concealed in your roof. It is relatively easy to install, reliable, safe and a cost-effective way to stay warm and snug in winter. Get an online quote today.

Multi-Zone Temperature Control

Make sure everyone in the house is comfortable by controlling the temperature with an easy-to-use multi-zone temperature control. You can zone different areas, meaning you don’t have to heat all rooms at the same time, saving you money on your energy bill.

Quick to heat

Gas heating in Perth homes has become particularly popular because of its affordability and the fact that it’s quick to heat. Gas is more efficient than electricity, meaning you can heat a room or your entire home in minutes.


Australia has an abundance of natural gas, which is clean burning with low environmental impact. Using a home gas heater is therefore better than a conventional electrical air conditioner, with a wide range to choose from.

Braemar ducted gas heating

Heat your home quickly and safely with a Braemar heater, one of the premier brands of heaters on the market. A simple gas heating unit can heat your home, or parts thereof, quickly and efficiently. You have full control over the temperature, and the system is compatible with evaporative coolers.

Contact Perth’s cooling and heating specialists and stay warm and comfortable in your home throughout all the seasons.


Braemar whole of home heating

Product description: Come Home to the warmth of Braemar. Braemar Ecostar will heat your entire home in minutes.. clean, warm air wherever you...