Evaporative Air Conditioning Perth

Evaporative cooling

Ambience Air’s ducted evaporative air conditioning systems are some of the most environmentally friendly, affordable and popular ways to cool your Perth home or office. When you are looking for reliable comfort that will last you many years, contact us.

Cool relief for hot dry weather

An evaporative air conditioner works differently to conventional air cons. Air is drawn into your home through water filled filter pads. This cools the air which is then distributed into your home via ducting hidden in the roof. This makes it ideal to combat hot, dry weather, as the water-cooled air offers fresh relief. In addition, the units are either outside or hidden in your roof, meaning no unsightly units are visible in your home.

Works with open windows

It’s the ideal choice for families as you don’t need to shut windows and doors or stay inside to keep cool. The cooling system works best with the windows and doors open. Evaporative cooling is a natural process delivering 100% fresh air around your home. It replaces all the air approximately every two minutes for an allergy-free and asthma-safe environment.

Affordable and reliable air conditioning

This is one of the most affordable and reliable ways to cool your home.

Leading Brands

Ambience Air sells and installs most leading brand models, assuring you of high quality, reliable products, with excellent back-up support. Get an online quote or browse our brands below.

Cool your home for less with Breezair evaporative cooling. Breeze air evaporative air conditioning is suitable for asthmatics, children and the elderly because it circulates a continuous cycle of fresh air from outside into your home.

A long time stalwart in the air conditioning industry Braemar continues to provide exceptional climate control products for the residential and commercial sectors.

evaporative air conditioning provides high performance, energy-efficient cooling while looking cool at the same time.

Advantage Air
Whatever the weather outside, Advantage Air heating and cooling systems will keep you comfortable all year round.

Panasonic products continue to impress, and their air conditioners are no different.

We also stock a wide range of Seeley International and Seeley Climate Masters air conditioning systems.

Contact us to find out which cooling or heating system is best suited to your residential or commercial needs.


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