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High-quality wall hung split systems

Ambience Air, Perth’s specialist supplier of climate control products, aims to make life as comfortable for you in your home or office, no matter what the weather is outside.  We are also one of Perth’s premier suppliers of split system air conditioners, a widely used air con in the residential and commercial sectors, as well as being popular in institution buildings because of their high degree of effectiveness. Contact us to find out more, or simply fill in our online form and we’ll get back to you promptly with an obligation-free quote.

How it works

A split system consists of two units, a fan and an evaporator, which is usually mounted on a wall inside the property. There is also a compressor, which is generally placed outside the building. Hot air is extracted from inside the building and expelled through the compressor, while coolants cool the outside air before it is passed via the indoor unit inside your property. For heating purposes the system works in the opposite way.

Advantages of split system wall mounted air conditioners

Flexible and effective

A reverse cycle inverter wall hung split system has numerous advantages, is ideally suitable for multi-room homes, heating and cooling one room. Also known as room conditioners (RAC), they can be easily retrofitted to houses with non-ducted heating systems in the area it is located in.

Simple to operate

A remote control allows you to easily control the temperature in your room and the system works quickly and efficiently.


These systems are easy to install, do not cost a fortune and require just a few cables and pipes.

Cleaner air

Most systems have a built-in air purifier keeping out dust and allergens.

We supply premier brand split system air conditioners

Keep cool in summer and warm in winter with an affordable and highly-efficient spilt system air conditioner. Contact Perth’s air conditioning gurus and ensure all year round comfort for your home or office.

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