6-48 months

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If you love Interest Free, we can get you 6, 24, 36 or 48 Months finance packages. Try to choose a period where you can get the loan paid off within the Interest Free time frame and no interest will be charged during this period. If you need to take a longer time though, don’t worry, the standard variable rate is a competitive rate of 23.99% p.a. It costs Ambience Air a fee to provide Interest Free finance, but we can assure you we will provide the most affordable investment based on the Interest Free period you require. Basically, the longer the Interest Free period, the higher the cost is to Ambience Air. Bear in mind though, we have MASSIVE buying power so you will be pleasantly surprised with our packages. See your local store Comfort Expert to find out more today.

Don’t wait! Get 6 months and up to 48 months Interest Free* with no deposit on purchases $300 and over.

Shopping around for the best price we can give you?  Would you ALSO like Interest Free?  At Ambience Air we will give you up to 48 Months Interest Free as well.  How’s that for the best of both worlds!

Purchase what you want right now with flexible repayment plans that suit your budget and lifestyle.

Once approved, you’ll receive a Lombard 180 card, the perfect shopping partner for purchases big or small. Lombard 180 comes with loads of benefits including:

  • Up to 48 months Interest Free on Lombard 180 card purchases of $250 or more*
  • Up to 55 days Interest Free on Lombard 180 card purchases less than $250*
  • The power to borrow up to $30,000
  • Easy online application with a quick response
  • Access to longer Interest Free terms at various Lombard retailers
  • 24/7 online access to your account

Apply now before you shop!  To create your Line of Credit, simply:

  1. Submit Enquiry Above to APPLY ONLINE
  2. Receive the decision via email
  3. If approved, you will receive a “welcome confirmation” email
  4. Proceed through the steps when you receive your email and/or sms messages to electronically confirm your acceptance of your Line of Credit. Please note, at this stage your Interest Free Period will not show up.  You need to progress through this stage and receive your Account Number PRIOR to Ambience Air providing you with your Interest Free period.

* Approved applicants only on a Lombard 180 Visa card. Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply including a $99 Annual Fee charged on the account open date and annually on the anniversary of the account open date. Minimum finance amount applies and is based on the promotional term. Interest, currently 23.99% p.a., is payable on any balance outstanding after the interest free period. Ask in-store